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Dream Files


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This community is for posting your dreams, or at least the ones you can remember. I always find myself writing out long entries about my dreams on my regular journal, so this community is here to fix that!

I guess the only rules to go by here is to be nice, no rude comments twords anyone who happens to post in here. And if it is an extremely long entry, it would be nice if you put it under a LJ cut to stop from cluttering up everyone's friends page.

Now for a few dream related links to help -

http://www.petrix.com/dreams/ - They have quite a few things on this site telling what specific things in your dreams might mean.

http://www.dreamdoctor.com/dictionary/ - Same as the first link, only not as much to choose from. They do give a bit more detail on this site though so look at it too.

If you know of any other links that we should add, please tell me and I'll put them on, you can email me at xAsrunDreamx@hotmail.com with them.

Happy posting!