Everyone, Anyone, and Noone (germanjmg) wrote in thedreamfiles,
Everyone, Anyone, and Noone

Gee, what do I want to do?

I've broken up with my fiance of three years. I don't see it happen in the dream, but I can feel the relief from it, and it feels so good to be free. I feel the presence of my ex-girlfriend (call her L), and turn to look at her. Suddenly, I see a sort of flashback of her father winning the lottery. Now we're walking towards her new house, an insanely large mansion. I'm happy to be with her, and her friend (call her N) is on her other side, with L's parents leading the way. I put my hand on the small of L's back as we walk along. N dissappears from the dream along with L's parents, but neither of us care. Suddenly, we're not walking in her house, but at an insanely outrageous country club. After walking by a pool larger than a football field and past a couple buildings that remind me of the type they had at my high school, we come up to an area that has a large overhang on a cement patio. There are people everywhere, playing weird games involving rollerskates or something. I look down at her, and I felt like I was about to lean in when I woke up.

There was no color in the dream as far as I can remember. This is the most clear dream that I've had in years.

So, anybody want to have a Freud field day? :)

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