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I actually remembered my dream last night and it was quite a strange one. It started off with me in my room, I walked over to my computer to discover that Patrick has gotten a webcam (and I do too...magic eh?) so I'm talking to him but all he does is laugh. Just nonstop laughing. >:O So I get all irritated and leave. Then it goes into another dream.

So I'm at my house and someone else is there with me, I think it was my friend Kayla but I can't remember for sure. We're going to do this 'race' thing to see who can get to Ovett first (it's a town that's about 40 minutes away) so I set off on rollerskates and start going down the road (HA!). And I'm going really fast but then it starts to rain so I turn around and head back twords my town and when I get to the main part, I see that Godzilla is destroying my town. So I see my mom and she's standing by this really old van that doesn't have any doors and it's all rusted over, so I hop in and start driving away. Godzilla comes twords us and stomps something and this huge explosion happens and we almost get killed but somehow manage to escape and keep on down the road. So we drive for a long time until we get to this big field surrounded by trees, I see these 2 kids I used to know from school and they tell us to go through the trees but there are LOADS of briars and I have shorts on. So I'm trying to figure out how I can walk in without getting myself all scratched up, and I see some of my family members walk up and take our bikes (we suddenly had bikes to ride). So I yell and try to get them back and then I wake up. O_O
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