Bethany (faerietalegirl) wrote in thedreamfiles,

I had a dream last night and Rufus Wainwright was in it. I went to on of his shows. It was in a really small room with almost no seating... possibly only enough room for 20. So I talked to him after the show, and he had shaved his head. (yikes!) And then he wanted to watch a movie (he was no long bald) so we were going to go to his hotel or something. I suggested "Drop Dead Fred" and he was really excited. I was getting ready to go, and he fell asleep in the living room with my sisters. Anyhow... I do not remember much more... I just thought the dream was worth documenting due to the celebrity guest. hahaha
Sorry... this dream was really disjointed and so my telling of it is also disjointed. It does not make much sense.
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