SadCabbit (sadcabbit) wrote in thedreamfiles,

This Happened a while ago...

I'm sitting in a old cafe dinner with a my friend fatkid, and my music teacher/director Mr. B. All of a sudden the cops show up and arrest me, fatkid and B disappear. When i ask them what i did they say "you stole grapejuice," so i reach into my pocket and pull out a (handy?) bottle of grapejuice, they take it and let me go. I step outside into an alley, and fall on my face. When i look up i see 4 female friends of mine dressed in green turtleneck sweaters with no sleaves and black pants. There are 4 other girls in the same outfits but i can't see their faces. I stand up and start walking toward them but them i wake up.

of course i rarely dream anymore, its mostly nightmares.
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