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I remembered!

I finally was able to remember one of my dreams. A rare occasion for me lately.

Last night I dreamt that I was in this dense forest or jungle, seemed more like a jungle to me and in the middle there was a green tower. (Now this green tower was from a picture I had seen earlier in the day while on the internet, it was a painting by the artist Roger Dean.) Well I was walking through the jungle trying to get to the tower cause something was telling me to go there. I finally got to steps leading up to the tower but I couldn't go up them. I was afraid, something was frightening me horribly so I turned around and ran back into the jungle. While I was running I ran into Britta and she asked me "What's going on?" I told her about the tower and how I was really afraid of it. Then she wanted to see it herself, this time when we came to the steps the same frightening presence loomed but this time we went inside and this is were it just gets plain silly, inside there were lots and lots of dishwashers spitting dishes out across this huge room. That was about the time I woke up. Pretty strange.
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