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Okay, my dream last night. It was a Shirt Boy dream, and Anni was in it. She moved out to California and started to go to my school. I pointed out who Shirt Boy was, and so we started following him around the school. At one point, he stopped somewhere and was standing talking to two of his friends. Anni suddenly backed away, and then came running at me and shoved me right into him. I pretty much landed on him, and when I realized what she had done, I backed away from him and was like "Ohh, shit, sorry!" and shot Anni an evil look. But he didn't care at all, he just assured me that it was okay, he didn't mind, and then asked me what my name was and we started talking. At some point after we started talking, Anni skipped off giggling like the little weirdo that she is. And then I woke up.

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