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I only remember part of my dream last night. My parents and I went to this discount store called Hudsons and were looking around at random stuff. I bought some clothes there, and when I walked to the checkout I saw this pack of teens all gathered around on the next lane. So I kept staring at them and realized that Brandon Boyd from Incubus was there. I wanted to go talk to him, or at least make sure it was really him, but those stupid people were crowded around him and I couldn't get to him. They were really loud, and kept asking him questions too. So I try and try to get over to him but I finally give up, so my mom and I decide that I want to put on my new clothes, like right in the middle of the store, but I don't want anyone to see me. So my mom and I walk around all over the store and finally I hide behind a coke machine and change my shirt. And then I woke up.

Pretty lame dream. :-/
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