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it is strange that you posted this on the rufus message board at the time that you did, because when i read your post just a couple minutes ago I had jsut woken up from a really weird dream. I do not remember it in great detail, but someone died that I loved (I do not know who) and to get over it I had to retrace all the things that we had done together... I found this out from a sort of fortune teller who read fortunes I gues by the way that rubber gloves with letters on them laid on my hands. It was strange... I could not stop crying in my dream... And then I was a t a mall and while crying I bought a jar of peaches and honey nut cheerios, and the guy felt so sorry for me that he gave me money and the peaches for free.... It was weird...

Then the night before last I dreamt that I was in Whitehall, MT or a place that looked like Whitehall surrounded by mountains with my Uncle. It was the end of the world or something, and I could see Saturn in all of its hugeness right above the mountains. There was also this blue stuff that looks something like when you mix oil with water in the sky. I started crying, and told my Uncle that I do not want to see all of this beauty right now. Then I saw a meteor or something crash into Saturn. And the pieces of Saturn crashed down in the mountains right in front of me, and caused a flood of water (how I do not know). I was trying to get my uncle to come inside with me, but he was reluctant, and then the dream ended.

I have the strangest dreams... really. I also once had one about a black widow sider with purple hair that would not stop chasin after me. It was huge. I hid inside a room, and somehow it got under a door. I cowered in the corner of the room and it told me it jsut wanted to talk to me, and it kept creeping closer, adn saying "Come on, I just want to talk." and things like that. Eventually it got close to me, and transformed into a human form, but it still had similar features... dark skin... that purple hair... And then... it started kissing me.

I am very often confused by my dreams... yeah.

Thanks for starting the community. :)

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