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Just a day, just an ordinary day

Finally, I remembered a dream! It wasn't a happy one though...

It started out in a grocery store, it was a really small one called Greers that's about 5 minutes away from where I live. There was this big family there and all of the kids kept bothering me...I was upset, so I tried my best to run past them all and go buy a magazine. I wanted a PS magazine but they were all out so I finally left and headed to the airport. So I get there and I see Mana (ex-Malice Mizer guitarist for those who don't know...) and he's going back to Japan, so I'm sobbing and waving and telling him to stay but he has to go so he's really sad too, but he finally gets on board the plane and flies off. I was with Kayla and Josh (!) and they weren't too sad about it...heartless bastards! So I sob and sob, then they decide we should go dance (WTF?!) and I go along. But then we realize that we have no what do they do? They the traffic...acting like we're cars. o_O

So we're walking and we stop at this 4 way stop in the middle of Laurel and I'm at the very front of the line. I see Mana like...pop up out of nowhere in front of me and I kinda stand there in shock and finally manage to mumble out "Mana?". So I walk twords him but he turns around, then throws out this weird mask thing...which I refered to as a "David Bowie mask". x_x So I go pick it up and he kinda disappears into the air. Of course then I sobbed more and stared at the mask. So we continue walking in the middle of the street until we finally get to this "dance place". We were sitting in the parking lot when all of the sudden one of Josh's friends drives up in his car and then magically left. So we put our stuff in the car and then it starts to rain, but it's not normal rain, it was raining MUD. We run inside quickly and I keep on talking to Kayla about how I miss Mana even though she doesn't really care. So when we walk in I'm kinda shocked because it looks more like a restraunt, and there are all these families there eating at tables and stuff. And here I am, in this really big black shirt (can't remember what it said but I had wore it for Mana) covered in mud, around all of these uber nice looking people. x_x I don't know what happened next, but somehow the gravity was just...gone and we were floating, but everyone at the table wasn't and they kept staring. Anyway, we stop floating, I KEEP talking about how much I miss Mana and sob, and then I wake up.

When I woke up I was crying. I <3 Mana!
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