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this dream actually took place last week, and it involved a bunch of people i know from school.

I went to this bizarre bazaar/marketplace-type thing on Yadkin Drive with my family. While I was there, I decided to go visit Alex's house because I knew it was on the same street. And so I set off walking.

Time passed quickly, as it tends to in dreams, and suddenly it was several hours later and all my walking had made me rather sweaty. I decided to stop at the next house and ask to use their shower so that I could smell nice and not be all yucky when I got to Alex's. I walked up to the next house and knocked. Jonathon Nance answered the door. I asked to use his shower, and he said it's fine. The bathtub's sides came up to my neck and so I got in and showered, while chatting with him and PJ who was in the bathroom as well. After I was done, they tossed me a pink towel, and then my clothes after I'd dried off.

I left them at the Nance house, and then I arrived at the Davis residence. I rang the doorbell, and Alex's mom answered. Apparently Alex wasn't home, but I could wait with her and their family until he returned. My parents and sisters were in the next room, chatting with his father and two younger brothers. They talked and were parental while I stared at their calendar, which was full of Alex's sports activities.

At some point Alex came back, and we were talking and I felt very stupid and everything I tried to say came out sounding wrong and inadequate and I got upset

and then I woke up.



Yes, Alex really does live on Yadkin Drive. I have never been to his house or met any members of his family. He doesn't play sports as far as I know.

I do not know Jonathon Nance except through seeing him at school and it's been said he's something of an ass.

And I'm barely speaking to PJ, so wtf.

This dream makes very little sense indeed.
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